Probed: Signals

An unearthly, electromagnetic signal seems to follow Carter Fox wherever he goes.  Is this a residual effect from a UFO encounter in his past, or a haunting clue to a future event?

A sci-fi web series (9 episodes)
Written by and Starring Kevin Herrmann
Winner of Rocky Mountain Emmy Award for On-Screen Talent (Kevin Herrmann – 2010)

The first season (9 episodes) of PROBED:signals was sequentially released online in the spring of 2010 and hosted on its own website, with the final episode premiering at Phoenix Comicon in May 2010.  Unfortunately, the creators were unable to continue forward with future seasons, and the existing first season was later released in its entirety on YouTube.

The series was an extension of an earlier short film (made by the same creative team) which paid homage to the X-Files.  The short film was titled Probed, and playfully re-imagined the famous characters of Mulder & Scully as if they met in a high school setting.  Following the great reception of the short, Tight Stitch Productions decided to evolve the characters from the homage piece into their own original story, which became the web series, PROBED:signals.

As the original short film provides a backstory and the inspiration for the series, it was later dubbed “Episode Zero.”  Its story was inspired by the Phoenix Lights phenomenon.