What Happened To The Gonkers? Episode 1

Enjoy the premiere episode for the new comedic web series, What Happened To The Gonkers? A huge THANK YOU to all our backers from our successful Kickstarter project which made this possible. What Happened to the Gonkers? is a comedic mockumentary web series that follows the rise and fall of a local children’s television show, “Boing Gonkers.”  ItContinue reading “What Happened To The Gonkers? Episode 1”

Review of New World Order on Examiner

The feature-length premiere of New World Order occurred this past Sunday, December 16, 2012, at AMC Westgate in Glendale, Arizona.  Several cast and crew members were in attendance and mingled with the crowd in the sold-out auditorium.  Also in attendance was William Pierce, who writes reviews of independent films for Examiner.com in Arizona. William’s articleContinue reading “Review of New World Order on Examiner”

New World Order feature premiere in AZ

In the fall of 2011, I performed in a short film called New World Order, which premiered on Christmas Day in Arizona on AZtv.  This past summer in 2012, DNA Film Works reunited several cast members and added others to film additional material and expand the short film into a full-length feature.  I reprise myContinue reading “New World Order feature premiere in AZ”

Phoenix Comicon 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012 is Memorial Day weekend, and there’s a couple things I’m involved in that will be featured at the convention’s Film Festival. I’m in two very different short films, as well as contributing to a live script reading for the winner of a writing competition. I’ll be attending each of these, so feelContinue reading “Phoenix Comicon 2012”

Addict world premiere at Idyllwild Film Festival

The short film “Addict” will have its world premiere at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.  Showtime is Friday, January 13th at 10pm (in the Rustic Late screening block). I play Harry McQueen, a meth addict who is desperately looking for his next fix by any means possible. Co-starring Whitney Moore and William Conner.  Written and DirectedContinue reading “Addict world premiere at Idyllwild Film Festival”