TIME’s Best Bohemian Rhapsody Covers

TIME Magazine made a list of the ten best Bohemian Rhapsody covers/parodies. Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition is ranked #3! Our Spirits of the Force gang is proud to have participated in that video. http://time.com/4093323/queen-bohemian-rhapsody-covers-40th-anniversary/ Those above us were the iconic scene from Wayne’s World (of course), and Adam Lambert (the guy who’s been leadContinue reading “TIME’s Best Bohemian Rhapsody Covers”

Spirits of the Force Ten-Year Reunion

Spirits of the Force was my first screen role as an actor.  This Star Wars fan film was conceived and filmed by a small group of theatre actors and Star Wars fans who thought it would be fun to make a movie, and we were right.  We went even further and made a trilogy of it.  ThisContinue reading “Spirits of the Force Ten-Year Reunion”

Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition

I recently reunited with some of the cast members from the Spirits of the Force Trilogy to appear in an epic mash-up video that combines “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Star Wars”!  Yes, it’s possible.  It was created by an amazing Digital Video team at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona, and features several cosplayersContinue reading “Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition”