The Epic Fail of Fallout: The Waste

A project I was involved in was boosted by a Kickstarter campaign when it collected money from generous strangers for production costs. Immediately after production and during the early stages of editing, the project creator (and writer/director) abandoned the project and disappeared, ignoring all requests for updates from donors, cast, and crew. I felt embarrassedContinue reading “The Epic Fail of Fallout: The Waste”

What Happened To The Gonkers? Episode 1

Enjoy the premiere episode for the new comedic web series, What Happened To The Gonkers? A huge THANK YOU to all our backers from our successful Kickstarter project which made this possible. What Happened to the Gonkers? is a comedic mockumentary web series that follows the rise and fall of a local children’s television show, “Boing Gonkers.”  ItContinue reading “What Happened To The Gonkers? Episode 1”

Bloopers from the Gonkers Kickstarter video

We’ve hit the halfway mark ($750) of our fundraising goal!  Thank you to everyone who has pledged a donation thus far.  As promised, enjoy the bloopers from our Kickstarter video: That’s how much fun we had just making the video that introduces the concept.  That’s the kind of fun we’re going to pour into thisContinue reading “Bloopers from the Gonkers Kickstarter video”

What Happened to the Gonkers?

It’s the question that’s on nobody’s mind.  And the title of our next project! What Happened to the Gonkers? is a comedy web series about a local television station that tried to create a children’s show, but failed horribly (and hilariously) in the process.  The name of the kids’ show was Boing Gonkers! and itContinue reading “What Happened to the Gonkers?”

Kickstarter for Fallout: The Waste

I have a leading role in an ambitious, post-apocalyptic web series that needs funding to get made. That’s the bottom line. (Actually, that’s inaccurate, considering I’m using the bottom line at the top of the page. Irrelevant. Moving on.) To get to the point, click here to pledge a donation to the project. If you wantContinue reading “Kickstarter for Fallout: The Waste”