New World Order: The End Has Come (full movie)

The feature-length movie New World Order: The End Has Come is now available on YouTube. Kevin Herrmann stars as the NWO Official, a heartless villain within the nefarious organization that has dominated the globe. The end has come, and a New World Order has arisen. Demi and Christen find themselves living in the apocalyptic era,Continue reading “New World Order: The End Has Come (full movie)”

TIME’s Best Bohemian Rhapsody Covers

TIME Magazine made a list of the ten best Bohemian Rhapsody covers/parodies. Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition is ranked #3! Our Spirits of the Force gang is proud to have participated in that video. Those above us were the iconic scene from Wayne’s World (of course), and Adam Lambert (the guy who’s been leadContinue reading “TIME’s Best Bohemian Rhapsody Covers”