Acting Out Ink Fest 2019

It’s the 6th annual Acting Out Ink Festival from 2Cents Theatre Company! The weekend is full of new plays all penned by female playwrights. Much like a film festival, the plays are organized into blocks with similarly-themed other plays.

I’ll be performing in Mindstream. The play is about neuroscientists on the cutting edge of testing out their new procedure that allows you to download your memories directly from your mind for permanent storage and playback. Is it ready for its first human test…?

The 6th annual Acting Out Ink Festival is March 29-31 at the Hudson Theatres in Hollywood in the historic Theatre Row district.

Mindstream is part of the Forward-Minded Thinking block at Inkfest, which plays Saturday at 12:30pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm.

Weekend and day passes can be purchased here:

The Hudson Theatres are located at
6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Paranormal Dick

This show follows the not-so-normal life of private eye Alex McCoy. His methods are a bit outside the box… he uses magic to get the job done.

I make an appearance as a hired henchman who picks up Alex to forcefully bring him to a secret meeting with the Boss.

Check out the official website and watch the pilot episode at

Kevin Herrmann, Philip Asta, Josh Fenney

Backstory – A Delicate Balance – video

BACKSTORY is an evening of true stories, fiction, and poetry produced every other month at the Victory Theatre in Burbank, CA. From the Victory Theatre website:

Using the title of a classic stage play or movie as inspiration, storytellers and poets write poems and stories to be read aloud. Writers may pen a personal story inspired by the themes of the play. Some have written in the voice of a character from the play and told his or her back story. Some writers have used the words of the title for inspiration. Whatever the writer’s approach, BACKSTORY has consistently been a fascinating and eclectic night of theatre.