The Carter Project book release

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Something strange is happening to Carter Fox during his first year of college. Paranormal visions of a floating black triangle haunt his dreams. The visions are intensifying, and a quirky pair of tech wizards may have the only clue as they investigate a mysterious alien signal. Together they uncover close encounters, suspicious figures, and a complex web of connection that is more fascinating and dangerous than they imagined.

We Will Not Describe the Conversation

Patchwork Theatre Company presents an audio production of We Will Not Describe the Conversation by Eugenie Carabatsos, directed by Jill Jones.

Kevin Herrmann performs as the Narrator.

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Inspired by a missing scene in Crime and Punishment, We Will Not Describe the Conversation follows a massage therapist whose latest client has come with the news that her estranged brother has committed a heinous crime and is nowhere to be found. The women try to piece together how this happened, while also uncovering their own dark desires and the fear that they will one day turn out like him.

Stage Production

My original experience with We Will Not Describe the Conversation was the opportunity to play Ross in 2018. That live production was part of the Acting Out Ink Festival presented by 2Cents Theatre Company in Los Angeles, and was documented in the official script.

New World Order: The End Has Come (full movie)

The feature-length movie New World Order: The End Has Come is now available on YouTube. Kevin Herrmann stars as the NWO Official, a heartless villain within the nefarious organization that has dominated the globe.

The end has come, and a New World Order has arisen. Demi and Christen find themselves living in the apocalyptic era, foretold in the Holy Bible.

Acting Out Ink Fest 2019

It’s the 6th annual Acting Out Ink Festival from 2Cents Theatre Company! The weekend is full of new plays all penned by female playwrights. Much like a film festival, the plays are organized into blocks with similarly-themed other plays.

I’ll be performing in Mindstream. The play is about neuroscientists on the cutting edge of testing out their new procedure that allows you to download your memories directly from your mind for permanent storage and playback. Is it ready for its first human test?

The 6th annual Acting Out Ink Festival is March 29-31 at the Hudson Theatres in Hollywood in the historic Theatre Row district.

Mindstream is part of the Forward-Minded Thinking block at Inkfest, which plays Saturday at 12:30pm, and Sunday at 2:00pm.

Weekend and day passes can be purchased here:

The Hudson Theatres are located at
6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Do I dare disturb the universe?

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