Kevin Herrmann is an actor, writer, director, and other nouns, currently hovering around Los Angeles.

Kevin received an Emmy® award in 2010 for performing in the sci-fi series PROBED:signals. He followed that up the next year with an Emmy for directing the dark comedy Cult Status. Both of those projects were also written by him. Recently he appeared on the Travel Channel in Hotel Secrets & Legends, the comedic online hit Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition, and in multiple videos as the spokesperson for WESTliving communities.

Kevin Herrmann 2 Emmy
photo: Jena Herrmann Photography

Kevin graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Theatre in 2008. His stage roles often alternated like a comedy/tragedy mask flip book, ranging from his comic energy in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 to his vulnerable rage in Columbinus. That trend continued in short films where Kevin’s roles ranged from a slapstick superhero sidekick in Following Suit to a manic meth head in Addict. And let’s not leave out the time he was a Jedi in the Spirits of the Force fan film trilogy. (Are you jealous?!)

As a 2Cents Theatre company member in 2016, Kevin performed onstage in Den of Thieves (as Flaco), the 3rd annual Acting Out InkFest, and the Hollywood Fringe Festival premiere of Nilbog: the unauthorized musical parody of Troll 2.

Additionally in 2016, the comedic web series Love & Other Ingredients (Hollonwood Entertainment) was released, along with the new short film Mr. Franklin from Congress Films.

In 2017, Kevin joined Maddy’s Famous Friends twice for random night sketch comedy, and made a cameo in 2Cents Theatre’s Hollywood Fringe production of the asylum cabaret Psychosical.

In 2018, Kevin made his 5th consecutive appearance for the 5th Annual Acting Out Ink Fest with 2Cents Theatre, performing in Dalton, and We Will Not Describe the Conversation. He then appeared in Unreal City, which took home the award for Best Immersive Show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Aside from the stage and screen, Kevin can often be found trekking on mountain hikes, kickin’ back at the movies, or demolishing pizzas.

Join him on his quest. We attack at dawn.

Press / Reviews

Kevin Herrmann as Flaco, Maggie’s ex and “brains” of the featured heist, vividly projects simultaneously street smarts, stupidity and bluster; later making a substantially reasonable argument for his irrational behaviors. Nice!

Gil Kaan; Den of Thieves review; Broadway World LA, January 17, 2016 

…a septet of terrific actors … so completely vanish into their colorful roles that you may find yourself sticking around after the show for proof that they aren’t the characters they play. (I did, and they aren’t.) … D’Annunzio, Gallegos, Gamiz, Geller, Herrmann, Lanehart, and Quinn won me over each and every one, though I must confess particular admiration and affection for Herrmann’s irrepressible Flaco.

Steven Stanley; Den of Thieves review;, January 2016

The mega props for this film must go to Mr. Kevin Herrmann for his performance as the sinister and smooth NWO High Chancellor. Herrmann delivers every syllable with ice-cold charisma and bone-chilling charm, often speaking reams of dialog with only his eyes. Herrmann is a (guilty) pleasure to watch, as viewers hiss the villain while secretly and eagerly anticipating his return to the screen.

William Pierce; New World Order review; Examiner, December 20, 2012

He’s a fantastic actor who has the ability to portray many different roles and take on certain personas at the drop of a clapperboard. … With every performance I have seen Kevin deliver, he is there, trapped in the moment. As an actor I applaud him.

JP Frydrych; Jump Ship Productions: Affiliate Highlight; August 1, 2012

The acting is uniformly excellent, and positively illuminated by the presence of its two leads, each of whom approaches his role with a distinct and distinctly terrifying intensity. … Kevin Herrmann’s Klebold is the eye of that hurricane, a subtler but no less vengeful monster who briefly earns our sympathy in sequences where he sputters internal dialogues about why he wants out of his tormented teenage life.

Robrt Pela; columbinus review; Phoenix New Times, April 9, 2009

Two actors also play the two murderers with spine-tingling and venomous zeal. You would think that Kevin Herrmann’s Dylan and Brandon Wiley’s Eric were the two students reborn. The entire ensemble is magnificent and terrifyingly recreates these mixed up kids’ difficult lives.

Chris Curcio; columbinus review; Curtain Up Phoenix, April 13, 2009

…the psychosexual cyberspace drama dark play or stories for boys pays off big time … It’s disturbing and unpredictable … It’s also surprisingly funny, with some wonderful bit parts by “Netizens” Kevin Herrmann and Carly Kastner.

Kerry Lengel; dark play or stories for boys review; Arizona Republic, March 2, 2008