We Will Not Describe the Conversation

Patchwork Theatre Company presents an audio production of We Will Not Describe the Conversation by Eugenie Carabatsos, directed by Jill Jones.

Kevin Herrmann performs as the Narrator.

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Inspired by a missing scene in Crime and Punishment, We Will Not Describe the Conversation follows a massage therapist whose latest client has come with the news that her estranged brother has committed a heinous crime and is nowhere to be found. The women try to piece together how this happened, while also uncovering their own dark desires and the fear that they will one day turn out like him.

Stage Production

My original experience with We Will Not Describe the Conversation was the opportunity to play Ross in 2018. That live production was part of the Acting Out Ink Festival presented by 2Cents Theatre Company in Los Angeles, and was documented in the official script.

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer