Love & Other Ingredients – Episode 8

Sy and Reg prep for the Starving Artists presentation. Chris has a cooking emergency. Bob goes on a date.

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Love & Other Ingredients is a cross between a sitcom and a cooking show.

In this modern take on the classic play Cyrano de Bergerac, we follow college junior Sy who hosts a video blog about cooking in a dorm room. In each episode he teaches viewers how to craft amazing meals that can be made with dorm room resources. Yet, as all good cooks know, there’s always a story behind the recipe.

Sy has dreams of one day opening a restaurant… and one day asking out Rosanna, one of his best friends. But that’s a little complicated because Sy is afraid to lose the friendship they have. He is also intensely self-conscious about his glasses. On top of Sy’s quest for Rosanna, there’s horribly bland cafeteria food that must be stopped, and Nicole, the girl on a mission to destroy Sy based on a misunderstanding. All together, these are the things that make up Love & Other Ingredients, the web series that teaches cooking with a nice helping of story panache.

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer