Phoenix Comicon 2014

Phoenix Comicon is the place to be for fans of anything pop culture, and it gets bigger every year. It’s awesome to see how the Convention Center becomes it’s own planet, in a way. Every few years, I’m fortunate to be able to participate in their film festival, and this year will be equally special. Here’s what’s happening:

Spirits of the Force: 10-Year Reunion

It’s been ten years since we released our first Star Wars fan film, which played at one of the first Phoenix Comicons in 2005. Now, a full trilogy later, myself and the original cast reunite to discuss fan films and what it was like playing in the galaxy far, far away.

(Friday, June 7, 1:30pm, North 225a) – Event link

Spirits of the Force Trilogy: Tenth Anniversary Screening

Playing Spirits of the Force, Fool’s Errand, and Reflections of Evil.

(Friday, June 7, 3:00pm, North 227ab) – Event link

Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody

A music video parody of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” rewritten with Star Wars-themed lyrics, topped off with signature special effects, and lip-synced by cosplayers. Cast members from the Spirits of the Force Trilogy make a special appearance in the video!

(Saturday, June 7, 2:00pm, North 227ab) – Film Festival Music Video Block

What Happened to the Gonkers?

A mockumentary following the rise and fall of a local Arizona children’s show. Starring Kasey Kempton, Kane Black, Kevin Herrmann, and Joel Cranson as the puppet “Quip”. Written and Directed by Joel Cranson.
(Sunday, June 8, 12:30pm, North 227ab) – Film Festival Shorts Block


Register online at to add these events and others to your Conquest schedule so you don’t miss a thing.

Which reminds me… I may or may not attempt to see Nathan Fillion or three of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while I’m there…


Published by Kevin Herrmann

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