Spirits of the Force Ten-Year Reunion

Spirits of the Force was my first screen role as an actor. This Star Wars fan film was conceived and filmed by a small group of theatre actors and Star Wars fans who thought it would be fun to make a movie, and we were right. We went even further and made a trilogy of it. This served as the genesis for many of us involved who continue to pursue creative projects today. That being said, this project will always remain special to me. Seriously, it was my first film experience and I got to play with lightsabers — how awesome is that?!

Spirits of the Force was released online as a standalone film in March 2004. Following its positive reception, we quickly got to work in making sequels, Fool’s Errand and Reflections of Evil, which were filmed concurrently over June and July 2004. As the films were completed (2006 and 2009), they were screened repeatedly at Phoenix Comicon over several years.

The ten-year anniversary of the Arizona-produced Spirits of the Force will culminate with a cast reunion followed by a screening at Phoenix Comicon on Saturday, June 7, in the Phoenix Convention Center. The reunion panel will begin at 1:30pm in Room North 225a, followed by a screening at 3:00pm in Room North 227ab including all three fan films: Spirits of the Force, Fool’s Errand, and Reflections of Evil.

We’ll see you at Phoenix Comicon!





Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer