Bloopers from the Gonkers Kickstarter video

We’ve hit the halfway mark ($750) of our fundraising goal!  Thank you to everyone who has pledged a donation thus far.  As promised, enjoy the bloopers from our Kickstarter video:

That’s how much fun we had just making the video that introduces the concept.  That’s the kind of fun we’re going to pour into this web series, and we still need your help to do it.  We only have until February 3rd, 2013, and if we don’t reach our goal of $1,500, we won’t get a single penny of it.  It’s all or nothing.  Children will cry if we don’t.  Do it for the kids.

If you’ve already pledged a donation, thank you!

If you decide you’d like to increase your existing pledge, great!

If you haven’t donated yet, even a single dollar will be helpful.

In addition, please share this project with your family, friends, social networks, or anyone else who may want a slice of the action in bringing a web show to life.  (Don’t forget to check out the excellent rewards for donors on the right side of the Kickstarter page.)

Time is running out to reach our goal, but YOU can make it happen. Make the next video you see from us be Episode 1 of “What Happened to the Gonkers?”

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What Happened to the Gonkers?

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer