What Happened to the Gonkers?

What Happened to the Gonkers?

It’s the question that’s on nobody’s mind.  And the title of our next project!

What Happened to the Gonkers? is a comedy web series about a local television station that tried to create a children’s show, but failed horribly (and hilariously) in the process.  The name of the kids’ show was Boing Gonkers! and it featured three gentlemen in bright clothes attempting to entertain and educate children. However, the actors are clueless, the writer’s a hippie, and the director’s an egomaniac — everything that could go wrong, did.

That is the premise behind the next project from Tight Stitch Productions. I have worked with Tight Stitch on a number of successful web productions including the Spirits of the Force trilogy and the Emmy®-winning web series PROBED:signals. Our next adventure with What Happened to the Gonkers? tackles the idea of a wacky kid show parody in a documentary style.

This is where YOU come in. The plan for this project is set; we just need the funding. You can donate any amount you wish, and receive rewards in return, like postcards from the set, autographed photos, and even an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit to your name. That’ll make you feel fancy in front of your friends!

Everything you need to know (including a video introducing the actors and director) is on our Kickstarter page, which is the central command for our fundraising efforts. Any amount is helpful and appreciated. This project will not happen unless we raise the full amount of $1,500 needed to move forward, and we have a limited number of days to achieve that. Please donate what you please ASAP, and we’ll ensure you get a good time for it!  Thank you in advance!

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer