Altar Ego video

A short thriller written by and starring Kevin Herrmann.

Altar Ego was created by Colorblind Films and submitted for the IFP Phoenix 48-hour Film Challenge in Summer 2011.

The criteria for the challenge was:

Genre: Thriller | Prop: battery | Line: “Did you remember?”

Due to a snafu in the post-production phase that involved a complicated special effect of cloning Kevin (which the team conceived and learned how to do during the challenge!), the film was unfortunately submitted just barely past the 48-hour deadline, thereby disqualifying it from any awards.

However, the judges enjoyed the film so much and felt that it deserved some kind of recognition, so they created the consolation award of “Better Late Than Never” to note the film’s merit.

Kevin also wrote the screenplay for this film.

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer