Phoenix Comicon 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012 is Memorial Day weekend, and there’s a couple things I’m involved in that will be featured at the convention’s Film Festival.

I’m in two very different short films, as well as contributing to a live script reading for the winner of a writing competition. I’ll be attending each of these, so feel free to say hi when you’re there!


This marks the world premiere of this sci-fi short (written and directed by Angel Ruiz) in which a private agency has the ability to prevent homicidal disasters by going back in time to the inciting event. Watch for me in an awesome fight scene with Angel. Catch this film on Friday, May 25 at 5:00pm with the “Sci-Fi/Dystopia” block in the Phoenix Ballroom at the Hyatt.


Written and directed by Devin Berko, this dramatic ride through meth addiction is seen through the lives of newlywed couple, Harry and Amy (played by Whitney Moore). Watch this in the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll” block (18+ only) on Friday, May 25, at 11:00pm in the Russell Room at the Hyatt.

Winning Script Table Read

It’ll be a pleasure to participate in the table read for the winner of the Phoenix Comicon Script Competition. Attendees can hear the winning script read by local actors (myself included), and the writer will be present for feedback and questions. The table read happens Sunday, May 27th, at 3pm in the Regency Room at the Hyatt.

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Published by Kevin Herrmann

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