Kickstarter for Fallout: The Waste

I have a leading role in an ambitious, post-apocalyptic web series that needs funding to get made. That’s the bottom line. (Actually, that’s inaccurate, considering I’m using the bottom line at the top of the page. Irrelevant. Moving on.) To get to the point, click here to pledge a donation to the project. If you want more info, read on!

Fallout: The Waste is a project seeking to create an independent web series based on the futuristic video game series, Fallout. But it’s not your regular future. It’s retro-futuristic. Yeah, fancy, right? That means it’s not the type of future we predict based on the present day, but the type of future predicted from the 1950s. Still can’t wrap your brain around it? Here, check Wikipedia, that’s what it’s for.

In this series, I’ve been cast in a leading role as “Richie.” Richie’s been dwelling underground in shelters that protected and housed several generations from the big bombs that went boom (in an alternate history scenario from World War II).  Many years later, Richie, and his aging buddy, Maxx, are wandering above ground in what remains from the destruction of the surface world, dealing with “civilized” factions, and deformed survivors. Richie, seeing this surface world for the first time, trusts entirely in his hi-tech wrist computer… as long as he can keep it working.

I dig it. I want you to dig it, too. But for this project to happen, it needs funding. Otherwise, it won’t happen. That’s a sad equation. Like the high school math that I knew, one day, would ruin me. Don’t let math ruin me. Use positive math instead. We need backers who are willing to pledge any amount they wish in support of this project. Depending on the pledge amount, various exclusive rewards will be offered, such as behind-the-scenes footage, DVDs, your name in the credits, and autographed photos from the cast and crew.

Maybe you’re a gamer who loves the Fallout series. Maybe you know someone in the cast or crew. Maybe you’ve always wanted to participate in filmmaking, but previously had no outlet to do so. Maybe you’re the kind of person who clicks the “Pay Now” button several times while it’s processing, thereby charging your credit card seven times instead of one. Whatever the reason, we will be grateful and greatly appreciate your pledge.

Writer/director Karl Coleman and the cast have made a video introducing ourselves. If you want to see me, I jump in at the 5:07 mark. SPOILER ALERT: Apparently, my hands NEVER STOP MOVING when I talk. Check it out, then nonchalantly float your mouse over to the “Back This Project” button.

There is a limited time to donate, so don’t hold out! For any donations you can offer, thank you.

Cast Introduction and Kickstarter Video

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer