Cult Status at the Phoenix Film Festival 2012

The Phoenix Film Festival is just around the corner from March 29th – April 5th, 2012.

Cult Status is an official selection and will be playing as part of the Arizona Shorts Showcase. That block of films will play on Saturday, March 31st, starting at 9:05am. Click here for ticket info.

Cult Status is a film that I wrote, directed, and starred in. In 2011, the film received an EMPixx Platinum award, as well as a Rocky Mountain Emmy for directing.

In addition, I’m also a seminar panelist at the festival for the Short Filmmakers Roundtable, where myself and others will discuss our experiences. That’s also on Saturday, March 31st at 2:30pm.

Come out and catch Cult Status on the big screen, and join me later at the seminar!

Cult Status poster

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer