Reflections of Evil

RELEASED February 6, 2009!

On November 15, 2003, a group of friends spent the day shooting their first-ever film project — a Star Wars fan film, titled Spirits of the Force. This film was released on March 13, 2004.

Immediately following the release, the group decided to give it one more try, improving on what they learned. The sequel script that emerged was larger than expected, so they split it into two parts. Those two parts were filmed concurrently during the entire summer of 2004 as the group devoted their weekends to shooting the project.

On June 10, 2006, part 2 of the trilogy, Fool’s Errand, premiered to the Phoenix Fan Force at Atomic Comics in Mesa, Arizona.

As time continued, several other projects and factors of life hindered completion of the trilogy. Several re-shoots were scheduled to fix old scenes as well as add new ones to enhance the existing story.

Now, on February 6, 2009, the trilogy is complete with Reflections of Evil.

Spirits of the Force, Fool’s Errand, and Reflections of Evil are available for free download at

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support. Enjoy the movie, and spread the word!


Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, and Jedi Master Bendeen investigate the disappearance of young Jedi apprentice Kit Parson at the hands of the mysterious slave girl, Celeese.

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer