48-hour Film Challenge 2008

We won!

Once again, we took first place at the 48-Hour Film Challenge here in Phoenix, AZ. If you remember, we took first place in 2006 with “Silhouette.”

Same story as before: You have 48 hours exactly to conceptualize, write, plan, shoot, edit, and submit a finished film, and it can’t be one second over 3 minutes. But you are given an envelope that requires your film to contain specific elements. This time around, we were working with:

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Prop: Spatula
  • Line: “How did that get in there?”

The result was “Appetite For Justice,” a campy film noir detective story. Though we weren’t sure what our roles would be when we started, I ended up writing the screenplay.

The awards we won were:

  • Best Technical Elements (sound, lighting, cinematography, etc.)
  • Best Director (Webb Pickersgill)
  • 1st Place! (best film overall, 33 films total)

That’s great, Kevin! So, can we watch the film online?

No, you can’t. Sorry. Next, the film goes on to play at the Phoenix Film Festival 2009. We may or may not be touring it around other festivals in the upcoming year, so we’re trying to keep it offline to avoid overexposure.

Published by Kevin Herrmann

Actor and Writer