The Carter Project book cover

The Carter Project

A science fiction novel

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Kevin Herrmann

After 20 years of performing and writing on stage and on screen, Kevin Herrmann released his debut sci-fi novel called The Carter Project in 2021.

He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Theatre in 2008. He received an Emmy® award in 2010 for performing in the science fiction web series PROBED: signals. In 2011, his second Emmy® was awarded for directing the dark comedy Cult Status. Both projects were also written by him.

A Delicate Balance

Monologue written and read by Kevin Herrmann

Ink Fest 2019 Recap Rap

written and spitten by Kevin Herrmann

We Will Not Describe the Conversation

A dark radio play written by Eugenie Carabatsos,
and narrated by Kevin Herrmann