Kevin Herrmann is an actor and writer in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a two-time Rocky Mountain Emmy® winner as an actor and director.

News and Updates

  • Ink Fest 2019 Recap Rap
    Finishing up the sixth annual Acting Out Ink Fest with a recap rap of the weekends’ shows at the closing night ceremony.
  • Acting Out Ink Fest 2019
    It’s the 6th annual Acting Out Ink Festival from 2Cents Theatre Company! The weekend is full of new plays all penned by female playwrights. Much like a film festival, the plays are organized into blocks with similarly-themed other plays. I’ll be performing in Mindstream. The play is about neuroscientists onContinue reading “Acting Out Ink Fest 2019”
  • Paranormal Dick
    This show follows the not-so-normal life of private eye Alex McCoy. His methods are a bit outside the box… he uses magic to get the job done. I make an appearance as a hired henchman who picks up Alex to forcefully bring him to a secret meeting with the Boss.Continue reading “Paranormal Dick”
  • Hooligans
    When Todd wants out, he’ll have to face off against Marcellus and his gang of hooligans. Filmed August 2018 https://www.lukesorensenfilms.org/